Cold dew asks you to pick pears, eat pears to nourish your heart and spleen; cold dew picks persimmons together, which are fragrant and sweet to nourish your health. I wish you good health, good health and happiness!


Open the hard disk of the years, delete the cool in early autumn, load the cold in late autumn, open the real-time protective clothing, kill the flu and fever virus, add happiness and health elements, and wish you health and happiness!


Let me hold your hand, then gently take out my hand, miss from then on take root, love from now on stop, friend, please put my blessing on the lapel, from now on, there are my greetings from all corners of the world.


Water is not blocked by stone, friendship is not sparse because of distance; life is a road, fate can take the same step; parting is not only bitter, at least the heart often stops; I wish you happiness forever.


Make the blessing into a cloud, lead a line of missing, fly in the blue sky, fly to your side with the wind, bring you good luck and peace. Wish you happy every day!


Plant a swing, swing countless happiness to you; plant a green tree, drop countless pleasant to you; drag a bright moon, weave countless thoughts to you. Happy every day!


Lie on the bed, hate the dawn, who knows the sun wake up. To live and earn money, you have to go to work early. And I wish you good luck and success in the future!


The cold wind blows, snowflakes fall, everything is quiet! Only a hot heart is beating, to drive away the cold for you, send the most sincere blessing, wish you warm winter!


The sun gives you warmth, the moon gives you warmth, the stars give you romance, the wind gives you refreshing, the rain gives you moisture, the snow gives you perfection, the frost gives you crystal clear, I give you blessing!


Friendship is established! Feelings are maintained! Pain, is the talk! The past, just memories! And you belong to me, and I am in your heart!


Although we seldom meet each other, our true feelings are always the same; though we are far away, our thoughts have never been reduced; though the light and shade are like arrows, we wish all the best; though it's cold and windy, the message will be warm!


White clouds accompany the blue sky, always with the wind and rain; green leaves accompany the flowers, all the way care; care with friends, deduce happiness and worry free; I accompany the expectation, bless you in the distance: may life be happy!


On an easy day, the clouds are light and the wind is light. In nature, you can freely sprinkle your mood. The misty clouds, with my blessing for you, turn the sky into colorful clouds. Wish you a good mood at the weekend.


February is the season of spring. February is the home of flowers. They smile, open their mouths, breathe the breath of spring and smile at each other.


When will we have a cup of sweet wine of friendship? Let's bless and encourage each other in the new year.


Now that summer is about to go away, why not transfer fatigue to happiness power, to happiness discourse, to relaxation on weekends, friends and happy weekends.


Days can be observed, days can be enjoyed; friends can contact, friends can pity; blessings can be warm, blessings can also warm heart. Wish my friend happiness for a long time!


Life can be plain, like the blue lake under the blue sky. Life can also be poetry, singing all the way. As long as we hold hands, every day is happy.


The yellow memory is not easy to wake up, but your name is the highest treble on my heartstrings. I wish you happiness every day!


Friend, I'll give you five floors of spiritual apartment, one floor of health, two floors of happiness, three floors of peace, four floors of good luck, five floors of happiness. I wish you a happy life!


The sound of flowers, the wind know, the feeling of missing heart know, the cold temperature of winter know, my blessing you know, the cold season, send you warm heart.


Fragrant grass, fresh and pleasant; flowers, beautiful and fragrant; blue sky, comfortable mood; beautiful mountains and rivers, relaxed and happy. World tourism day, wish you open a happy journey, free and unrestrained!


Qingsong on the mountain and flowers at the foot of the mountain. Huaxiao Qingsong is not as good as her. One day when the frost falls, only Qingsong can't see flowers. May you learn from qingsongzhi and wish you a brighter future than Meihong.


Greetings are fire, thoughts are smoke, I'd like to stir up the flames for you; friendship is electricity, concern is thunder, I'd like to strike thunder for you; friendship is hand, friendship is foot, I'd like to dance for you!


The most beautiful thing is the call of family members; the most difficult thing is the thought of friends. Let him be in the wind, rain and sun, and your friend will show you care all the time. Wish you a happy life!


The sun gives you light, the moon gives you romance, the stars give you dreams, God gives you beauty, angels give you hope, friends give you warmth, I give you a happy life!


Close your eyes and feel the warmth of wishes; open your heart and listen to the greetings; open your hands and accept the warm feelings; open your arms and feel the lingering thoughts; wish you good luck and happiness!


Wave goodbye and sail away. What you can't forget is the friendship cable you threw out, which is firmly tied to my heart.


The meeting in this life is destined to be wonderful; the precious friendship will never be forgotten; the troubles in life will be lost as soon as possible; the greetings in a low voice will make you successful and happy!


The happiness of the sea is a romantic wave; the serenity of the sky is the reflection of changeable clouds; my happiness is that you are dependent, dear, happy weekend!


Be grateful to the one who tripped you, because he strengthened your ability; be grateful to the one who rebuked you, because he encouraged your wisdom; be grateful to the one who made you!


No matter how busy you are, you should also pay attention to your health. If you have no time, you will always have enough to eat. If you have no time, you will also have a good rest. If you have no money, you have to send me a message to report peace. I wish you a happy future.


Friends are gold, heart to heart! There is a bosom friend in the sea, and the ends of the earth are like neighbors! No matter how far apart we are, may our friendship last forever! Take good care of yourself!


Flowers bloom and pavilions, spring to spring and back. Time is stranded, time is flowing, the only constant is our friendship. At the time of parting, I wish you a good wish: I wish you a pleasant journey.


Let the night wind take away the tiredness of the day, let the moonlight drive away the troubles of the day, let the stars light up the good mood of the day, dear friends, I wish you a relaxed sleep, a dream, good night.


Career is like snowball. Accumulation is the biggest reason for success. There is no simpler interface. What you need is constant pursuit. Slowly you will find that you are already very good.


The sky is very blue, the wind is very cool, sincere blessing comes to the side; the wine is strong, the flower is fragrant, a wisp of acacia is rippling, I hope our friendship will last forever, have time to contact!


Effort is a kind of mental state in life. The most beautiful thing is not the moment of success, but the process of struggle. Friends, I wish you a better tomorrow after your efforts. Good morning!


I'm very happy to see you. There are ten thousand stars in the sky. One is my heart. When I miss you, I look at the stars. When I lose sleep, I count the stars. When I make a wish, I wait for the meteors. Good friends should be happy every day.


The spring equinox festival is coming, the grass is growing, the birds are flying, the flowers are blooming, the spring is shining, the peach is red and the plum is white. I wish the spring equinox festival a lot of happiness, good luck and good health.


Dear friends, good weekend! It's late autumn. I wish you a pleasant and comfortable mood like the autumn climate in this golden autumn weekend. Your career is thriving like the sunshine in autumn!


When the morning glow dances its wings to wake us up from our dreams, our friends let us enjoy the sunshine, hope for today, and explore our dreams together. Happy morning!


There is no secret to success, but perseverance. No great cause can be achieved without slacking off. Any uncompetitive work is destroyed and retreated halfway. Only if we persevere, can we have the joy of success!


Eat enough, drink enough, it's time to go to bed, don't snore, affect the quality of sleep, tomorrow morning a platoon of people are still waiting to rush to buy your fresh pork! Good night!


In those years, we changed places once a week. So, he moved tables, books, and calculated the distance from his sweetheart. In the past, what we can't live is our good memory.


Health medicine diet in the cold season: milk porridge has the effect of moistening the lungs and intestines, tonifying the deficiency and nourishing the blood. Use 100g of Japonica Rice to cook until it is six ripe, then add half a jin of milk, and continue to cook until it is porridge.


With health, you will be healthy every day; with happiness, you will always be happy; with happiness, you will be happy every second. Wish you health, happiness and happiness!


A friend, more blue sky; a bosom friend, more bosom; a best friend, more emotion! The yellow leaves fall with the wind, so lonely in late autumn. Bo room has friends, warm my heart.


There is a kind of love, called friendship, this life does not forget. There is a kind of love, called love, greeting constantly. We are busy on weekdays. Remember our friendship. Good luck is always with you. Wish every day happy, everything goes well!


Friends are heaven, friends are earth, friends can stand tall, friends are wind, friends are rain, friends can call the wind, wealth is not necessarily friends, but friends must be wealth.