Good fortune to the East, good fortune to the sky! When the times turn out to be good, we should pay more attention to the ambition of Kunpeng, cherish the time and industry, and show the infinite grace of the king. I wish you a better career!


New year's step, I wish the new year's bell, ringing in your heart happy note, luck and peace, such as the footsteps of spring closely follow! I will always be with you!


Dear friends, missing is not always revealed, but always in my heart. Follow the pace of the years, we are together. In this splendid season, I wish you all the best in your life.


The cold wind blows, snowflakes fall, everything is quiet! Only a hot heart is beating, to drive away the cold for you, send the most sincere blessing, wish you warm winter!


Follow one's heart, leisurely; follow one's nature, indifferent; follow one's destiny, happy; at will, clear; be at ease, calm; follow one's will, detached. When the weekend comes, I wish you happiness.


Friends, this is informed, confidant, friend lover, one day missing very miss, two days missing very miss, a few days missing very miss, I wish you good fortune in the new year, good luck!


The weather is getting very fast, the temperature is getting really bad. You should take your coat when you go out, cover your quilt when you go to bed, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep a good attitude. This is love for you!


Days can be observed, days can be enjoyed; friends can contact, friends can pity; blessings can be warm, blessings can also warm heart. Wish my friend happiness for a long time!


I write the Acacia full of trees, come to you, gently wipe off the tears on your cheeks, your eyes are so pure and flawless, like a deep pool, pull me down, this life for you.


Give your arms to the birds and you will be happy; give your heart to the sea and you will be broad; leave your eyes to the sky and you will be far-reaching; give your blessings and you will be happy. Have a nice Sunday!


Plain life, will bring you the simplest happiness; busy pace, will bring you the most beautiful scenery; sincere blessing, will bring you the most heartfelt happiness!


Let me hold your hand, then gently take out my hand, miss from then on take root, love from now on stop, friend, please put my blessing on the lapel, from now on, there are my greetings from all corners of the world.


I can't promise you anything, but I will make sure that if one day you feel hungry, you will see that I am starving in your arms with a smile.


You can find reasons to be sad, but you can also find reasons to be happy. People who know how to rest assured find ease, people who know how to forget find freedom, people who know how to care find friends.


Open your eyes and see the sunshine in the room, warm your heart. Forget yesterday's unhappiness and welcome today's heroism. Start a new life with enthusiasm. Don't get up soon. You'll be late! Good morning!


Imagine magnificence, put on heaven, put on dream, put on weekend leisure and happiness, put on a tired heart, put on my blessing, I wish you a beautiful weekend in a good mood.


Time says that every day is an opportunity. Life says that we should know how to experience life. Moon says that missing is the most haggard thing. Friendship says that it doesn't matter if we don't meet. It's only valuable if we remember.


On a snowy night, Santa Claus is ringing to you with my best wishes to my friends. Take a warm, a blessing. Happy Christmas to my friend.


In the long road of friendship, I only ask how I cherish and own my acquaintance, and I will never forget the days when I went with you.


Wind, it is my hands, for you to blow away the heat of summer; cloud, it is my arms, for you to smooth the autumn fidgety; rain, it is my advice, for me to tell you to pay attention to your health in the beginning of winter.


Flowers bloom and pavilions, spring to spring and back. Time is stranded, time is flowing, the only constant is our friendship. At the time of parting, I wish you a good wish: I wish you a pleasant journey.


I haven't been in touch for a long time, and I miss you very much. It's a small weekend. My friends come to greet you. I hope you will feel comfortable, carefree and free. Relax your body and mind, and enjoy yourself. Have a good weekend, and enjoy yourself!


I'm very happy to see you. There are ten thousand stars in the sky. One is my heart. When I miss you, I look at the stars. When I lose sleep, I count the stars. When I make a wish, I wait for the meteors. Good friends should be happy every day.


Don't be cold and gentle because you are too busy. Don't forget to enjoy because of your helpless pursuit. Earning money is not the whole of life. Stop your hurried steps and enjoy the blessings of life!


Bell is my greeting, song is my blessing, snowflake is my greeting card, wine is my kiss, breeze is my hug, happiness is my gift.


Forget the tiredness of working in the day, put aside the trivial of daily life, let the evening breeze be the bed, let the silk cool be the quilt, let me wish you good wishes to sleep, good night!


Cold dew asks you to pick pears, eat pears to nourish your heart and spleen; cold dew picks persimmons together, which are fragrant and sweet to nourish your health. I wish you good health, good health and happiness!


Fortunately, in my best years, I met you who would like to accompany me crazy. Thank you for being with me all the time.


The sky is very blue, the wind is very cool, sincere blessing comes to the side; the wine is strong, the flower is fragrant, a wisp of acacia is rippling, I hope our friendship will last forever, have time to contact!


When will we have a cup of sweet wine of friendship? Let's bless and encourage each other in the new year.


Peel off the layers of petals, collect the continuous fragrance; search the segment memory, light up the missing pieces; brew the sentimental feelings, send the deep blessing; carry the love words, wish the youth flowers will never fail!


Jade rabbit accompanies you, happiness surrounds you, warm embraces you, good luck covers you, healthy thinks of you, ideal inspires you, career achieves you, good people care for you, charm favors you, success embraces you!


Greetings is a ship full of friendship and trust. When the wind is calm, you will dock in your harbor silently. Only when the wind and rain come, will you sail and break the waves and share the waves with yourself. Wish you happiness!


Time is shining with blessings, air is fragrant with blessings, and mood is blooming with blessings. When you open the message, may blessings make you relaxed at this moment! Have a great weekend!


Allow me, send you a rose, let me sincerely bless you, although not so handsome, but I just want to see you! Please let me find you hand in hand in happiness!


Life doesn't need to be earth shaking, happiness is good; friendship doesn't need sweet words, thinking is good; money doesn't need a car, enough is good; friends don't need to be all over the world, you are good!


At this incomparably warm moment, would you like to have a drink with my heartfelt blessing? The gift is not expensive, the feeling is precious. I wish you a sweet and happy birthday.


Friends are the fate of a lifetime. They meet by chance and live forever. Winter is coming again, the weather is getting cold, the temperature drops suddenly, only blessing as usual. May you take good care of yourself and live a happy life.


Time to come and go, true feelings do not change. Send greetings and receive love. Everything is understated, and happiness is everywhere. Step on the easy beat, dance life wonderful!


The train is speeding up, the plane is on sale, there are more high-speed shops and the Internet is popular. Therefore, distance is not a problem. Friendship is always there, and care is always there!


No matter how busy you are, you should also pay attention to your health. If you have no time, you will always have enough to eat. If you have no time, you will also have a good rest. If you have no money, you have to send me a message to report peace. I wish you a happy future.


On behalf of the Central Committee, the local government, the cabbage gang in spring, the watermelon seedling in summer, the spinach soup in autumn, and the basket basket in winter, I would like to extend my cordial greetings to you and wish you happiness every day!


In late autumn, when the weather turns cold, don't let the cold find you, don't let the disease follow you, I hope happiness can accompany you, happiness can follow you, health always loves you, peace always loves you!


A person with one point of accomplishment has one point of temperament; a person with one point of measurement has one point of popularity; a person who can stand up to his adversity can learn skills; a person who can stand up to the test can take on great events.


Sincere blessings do not change with time, the care in your heart does not change with seasons, and I can't tell you my heart. I just want to tell you that I am your friend for life.


Experts predict that this kind of mood will last until we see you! So please keep a happy attitude and get in touch with each other!


The desert water is the most precious; the deep night lights are the most precious; the vast human sea friendship is the most precious; the happy life and health are the most precious; wish you have all the most precious and beautiful things!


It is said that friendship can stand up to plainness and wind and rain. But like us, no matter how big the wind and rain, they can't disperse the rain. May friendship be stronger, and I wish you a better life!


Yangchunbaixue, a bowl of yangchunmian for you; Fenghuaxueyue, a beautiful song for you; bingxuecong, wish your beloved always accompany; Xiaoxue solar term, wish you warm heart, warm body, smiling face!


Let's make an agreement: we all want to be happy, healthy, happy and serious; we are good friends every ten years! Long live friendship!